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Should States Decide on Social Issues?

 Why should States decide on social issues? There is a lot of confusion about the difference between state law and federal law.  Through the years there has been an erosion of state’s authority.  Each state’s legislature is able to make […]

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the truth about abortion

The Truth About Abortion

The “argument” for abortion There is a lot of information out there about abortion.  Pro-choice advocates have a lot of “facts” they use to try and confuse the masses.  Now it’s my job to try and inform you of the […]

obama is dividing america

Obama is Dividing America

How Obama is dividing America The constant partisan approach that is taken by our president, is causing a fracture in this country.  We are no longer Americans.  Now we are liberals or conservatives.  Black or white.  Republican or Democrat.  Rich […]

funny picture of Obama

Obama Approval Rating is in…His Wife Still Likes Him

What’s to blame for Obama’s poor approval rating? Who’s to blame is probably a better question.  Isn’t that the game Obama is always playing?  There’s no way his policies could be to blame.  The community organizer, with all his experience, would […]

Second Amendment

I Think the Founding Fathers Would Have Had a Pistol Permit

One of the most heated debates right now, other than abortion, is gun control.  The precipice of the debate seems to center around the second amendment.  I personally don’t understand why it is so difficult to interpret.  All I can […]