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Progressive America has drawn the politically correct lines Which side of the line you stand on makes all of the difference.  If you stand on one side of the line, you are allowed to be called many things. Racist.  Sexist. Bigot. Elitist. If you stand on the  other side of the line, you are part […]

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potesters in ferguson missouri

Liberals Refuse to Lead Unless Racism is Involved

Liberals lack the right kind of leadership To say that only liberals refuse to lead is probably not the entire truth.  All politicians seem to lack the ability to lead this great country in the direction that it should go.  But I want to focus on some of the recent happenings, primarily in Ferguson, Missouri. […]

US capital building

Should States Decide on Social Issues?

 Why should States decide on social issues? There is a lot of confusion about the difference between state law and federal law.  Through the years there has been an erosion of state’s authority.  Each state’s legislature is able to make laws that govern from within that state’s respective boundaries.  The federal government makes laws that […]

the truth about abortion

The Truth About Abortion

The “argument” for abortion There is a lot of information out there about abortion.  Pro-choice advocates have a lot of “facts” they use to try and confuse the masses.  Now it’s my job to try and inform you of the truth about abortion.  I will try and go through some of the main arguments used […]

obama is dividing america

Obama is Dividing America

How Obama is dividing America The constant partisan approach that is taken by our president, is causing a fracture in this country.  We are no longer Americans.  Now we are liberals or conservatives.  Black or white.  Republican or Democrat.  Rich or poor. When Obama ran in 2008, he promised that he was going to be […]