What’s to blame for Obama’s poor approval rating?

Who’s to blame is funny picture of Obamaprobably a better question.  Isn’t that the game Obama is always playing?  There’s no way his policies could be to blame.  The community organizer, with all his experience, would never be to blame.  After all, he inherited all of the problems of his office.

When in doubt blame Bush.

That seems to be the motto of the entire Obama administration.  Instead of showing true leadership, by accepting at least a hint of responsibility, Obama chooses to blame others.  Now, I’m not a Republican sycophant, fawning over everything they say and do.  I can admit there were some issues when Obama took office.  The problem is, that was six years ago.  There has been a steady decline in the the well-being of most Americans in that time.   At what point does old policy stop being the culprit?  Is there a magical line that must be crossed before Obama’s policies can be to blame?  I imagine that line isn’t greater than six years from Bush’s presidency.

So what is Obama’s approval rating?  Gallup poll has Obama’s approval rating at 43%, and it has been as low as 38%.  So only 43% of Americans currently approve of the job President Obama is doing?  That’s 8% lower than the amount of people that voted for him in the 2012 election.  So I guess it’s safe to say there are quite a few people that wish they had voted for Romney.  Or at least stayed away from the polls that day.

 So what is Obama blaming Bush for?

When Obama was running for his first stent as president, he was blaming bush for adding $4 trillion to the national debt.  By the time Obama is done, he will likely have added another $10 trillion.  But Bush was using conservative debt.  Obama plans to use liberal debt, and that is a completely different thing.

The economy has been in trouble for a while.  Apparently President Bush was not only responsible for the economy in the eight years he was president, but also in the six years Obama has stood at the helm.  If he’s as great as he thinks he is, surely his policy would have shifted us out of the pits of despair and into the halls of tranquility by now.

So if Bush is to blame for the economy, I guess something else would be to blame for Obama’s approval rating.  I suppose Bush is also to blame for Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, and the VA scandal. Obama claims he had nothing to do with any of these.  Shouldn’t we just take him at his word?

So what does Obama take credit for?

  • Well he did kill Osama bin Laden.  That was not Seal Team Six like you may have read.
  • He also doubled the amount of border agents.  Ignore the fact that this happened before he took office.
  • He also took credit for the Iraq withdrawal timeline that was instituted by the…wait for it…Bush administration.

President Obama is all credit and no blame.  That is not the kind of leadership we need in this country.  I’m actually surprised that his approval rating is so high.  Wake up America!  He’s not a real leader.  America deserves better from someone who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world.  But he points fingers when things are bad, and he raises himself up on the backs of other’s accomplishments.